Paediatric Occupational Therapy
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About us and what we do

We offer a world class, highly professional service with 17 years of paediatric occupational therapy experience behind us. We know as a parent approaching this for the first time, the situation can be quite daunting, so our service is designed to inform and put you at ease. We can meet with you and your child at home, in our clinic or in the school. Our services are designed to give you maximum flexibility whilst enabling your child to reach their maximum potential. OTLondon was founded and is lead by Miri Horovitz-Cohen. You can read more about Miri in her personal letter to parents is a private occupational therapy service designed to cater for communities in and around London. OTLondon is led by Miri Horovitz - Cohen, a specialist in paediatric occupational therapy, with over 17 years of exclusive paediatric OT experience. Miri has a B.O.T in Occupational Therapy from the Faculty of Medicine at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and an M.A in Early Childhood Studies. Miri is certified by the Health Professional Council (HPC registered), is a member in the Sensory Integration Network, the British Association of Occupational Therapists and the College of Occupational Therapists Independent Specialist Section.

During over 17 years of exlusive paediatric practice Miri has continued her own knowledge development, undertaking different workshops and courses in a variety of subjects related to Paediatric Occupational Therapy. These include treatment of children with ADHD, assessment and treatment of children with motor coordination difficulties (DCD/Dyspraxia), developmental cognitive approach for treatment, assessing handwriting difficulties and participating in further studies of sensory integration at Cardiff University. Miri has maintained membership of relative professional bodies, continued to subscribe to academic journals and has stayed abreast of all the latest developments in her field.

Miri has also been able to develop her skillset in different settings, such as private and national health clinics, hospitals, within the home and in mainstream, special, public and private schools.

OTLondon has 3 main service areas. Dealing directly with the parents, providing consultancy and program assistance to schools, and aiding legal teams in representing parents through the tribunal process. Whether you are a school, part of a legal team, or the child's parent, we will provide you with expertise gained exclusively from therapy with children.

about our assessments read about our legal / tribunal work more about our consultations
our group sessions we provide school programs we help with special educational needs statements
we make school visits we do provide therapy in the home setting you can find more information here about autistic spectrum disorder
find out more about core stability what are learning disabilities read more about handwriting
Visual Perception refers the brain’s ability to make sense of what the eyes see sensory processing enables us to identify what information is important read more about gross motor skills
Fine motor skills are the co-ordinated movements of the eyes, fingers and hands there is more about dcd, developmental coordination delay here read more about ADD, ADHD attention deficit disorder
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