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Firstly, let's be clear, phoning us and speaking to us about something concerning your child is free. We do want to be sure you need our services, and we want you to be sure you would like us to treat or assess your child.

For us, the relationship between us is a partnership where we both strive towards understanding the difficulties facing your child and work towards helping your child in every way possible. Your child is the reason you are talking to us, and therefore has to be the focus of attention. Because of this philosophy we welcome enquiries and try to answer as many questions as we possibly can without charge.

So for parents we offer an initial free consultation as part of our standard practice. We do this to make sure you are equipped with the knowledge to make decisions prior to having to make commitments. We also want to be absolutely confident we are the right people to help you.

To contact us about a consultation, to talk to us about conducting an initial assessment or if you have any other query, follow Contact on the menu above.


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