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Our fees and Service Charges



Screening Assessment


This assessment is primarily for parents with children who may or may not have mild difficulties, and are unsure about whether or not Occupational Therapy is required. It is a 1 hour clinic based assessment to rule out or confirm the need for further intervention. The price includes an additional 15 minute discussion.




Full Assessment


This assessment aims to identify underlying sensory / motor difficulties that affect a child’s participation and performance. This assessment is usually required at a stage where the parent is clearer about the difficulties the child is experiencing or following recommendations or referrals from professionals who know the child.  This is a approximately a 2 hour assessment and is a pre-requisite for any of our standard reports. It is the basis for an intervention plan. There is a 20-30 minute discussion following the assessment about the main findings.




Full Report


This report describes in detail the child’s strengths and weaknesses as found in the assessment, explains the terminology, gives detailed recommendations and can be used for schools, local authorities and to provide information for other professionals involved with the childs development. It is a 7-9 page report.




Occupational Therapy Session


A 1 hour  session clinic based (45 minute session + 15 minute parent discussion)




Block of 6 Occupational Therapy Sessions


6, 1 hour  sessions (45 minute session + 15 minute parent discussion)




Legal Assessment (assessment cost only)


This assessment is comprehensive, involves several integrated questionnaires and intensive background reading




Medico-legal report


This report is provided for tribunal purposes and in partnership with the legal team representing you and your child. It normally involves preperaring using a bundle of legal documents. The cost of the legal assessment must be added to the cost of the report.






Tribunal appearance cost per day (appearance only)




Tribunal preperation per hour


Preperation for medico legal appearance ( reading of bundle, documents and general preperation.) Cost must be added to appearance cost




Occupational Therapy Group Sessions


A block of 6 (1 hour  sessions in a group of 3-4 children )




School Services (per hour)

£120 - £150

Setting up school programs for children, training the LSA, monitoring progress, regular reviews, statement fulfilment and consultation.






Private per day


School based contract (termly or annual - price per day)






We travel within a short radius of N14 without adding travel charges. Beyond this point
we charge travel time at an hourly rate + 50 pence per mile.

£50 / hour


 + 50 pence/mile



We offer charities discounts against all our services. Please contact us for details and
please make sure that anyone you send makes us aware that you have connected us.

On request



We do have to turn away parents because we are fully booked at times, so if you do schedule an appointment with us, it is important that you notify us in advance of a cancellation. We may not like doing it, but we have to charge at an hourly rate of £50 if the cancellation is less than 24 hours from the scheduled booking.

To contact us about the need of any of the above services for your child or if you have any other query, follow Contact on the menu above.

OTlondon occupational therapy price list



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