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Home Visits


Sometimes a clinic may not be the best way for your child to be either treated or assessed. Some children, especially in circumstances where they know they are being treated or examined, can become stressed in a strange environment and display or act in ways that are different from their normal behaviour.

When assessing developmental delays, these ‘behavioural’ aspects can have an impact on what an Occupational Therapist sees and understands.  Making an accurate assessment of your child is the first step in being able to provide actions plans and recommendations to you and the school.

In many circumstances we believe that the most comfortable setting is the home environment, a setting that allows us to see what you see, where you see it and normally has the child more at ease with the therapist.
We do offer assessment and therapy services for the home setting, allowing us to interact with your child in their own home, where they may feel the most comfortable. If your home is within an acceptable radius, we do not even charge for travel.

If you believe your child should be evaluated by an Occupational Therapist, you can contact us to discuss what you should do and we can work together to find the best way of helping your child. Follow Contact from the menu above.


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