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When it comes to paediatrics there is no better place for occupational therapy than OT London. We do nothing else. Each and every one of our expert occupational therapists works exclusively with children.

Whilst some clinics spread their knowledge around different fields, we focus solely on children. It means all our experience, everything we have studied, trained and learnt is there to provide you with the best possible help.

It is important for the parent to feel the person helping with their child's Paediatric occupational therapy applies specialist approaches and techniques to help the child reach their maximum potential. Improving their engagement, independence and achievement, at school and in the home enviroment.

We first assess your child (more on assessments here) to understand where the barriers are, and use mutliple scientific approaches to identify the underlying difficulties. We then build a bespoke program of therapy to address the specific issues. This allows for a direct and personal intervention that places the child first and aims to provide tools to both the parent and the child to ensure that progess and development can continue outside of the OT environment.

Paediatric occupational therapy is a specialist field. And at OT london we provide world class paediatric OT's who only work with children. You can read more about our services here, and our lead therapist here.


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