Our Services and Expertise

Given the wide range of possible situations. It is difficult to list everything we do. We try to accomodate wherever we can, and it is always worth while contacting us to discuss your own needs and those of your child. Here at OTLondon we aim to be as flexible as we can; we understand that your child’s needs to come first and we want to make sure that you receive the best possible help available. Remember, we only deal with children; our focus never wavers for an instant.


Our assessment services are thorough, highly professional and tailor made. Using the latest tools and techniques, we break down the assessment into individual components to completely evaluate the different areas of performance.

Ax Reports

Assessing your child may be a critical part of an OT’s service, but it is how the evaluation is recorded, how the information is presented and what the report contains that is really where we provide added value.

Medico Legal

We can assist in ensuring your child receives the right provision from the local authority, and provide reports of the highest calibre, written especially for the tribunal setting. We ensure you have the best professional OT assistance throughout the process.

School Services

We provide a comprehensive list of services for schools. These include consultancy services that can work with individuals or groups, discussion and advice (with staff, SENCOs, LSAs or TAs), meeting attendance, annual reviews, observation and group therapy.

School visits

We can visit your child in their natural school setting. This can offer a unique and vital perspective in building a true assessment of your childs needs. We can also meet with and discuss with Teachers and SENCO’s, providing input on a one-off or regular basis.

Home visits

Sometimes a clinic may not be the best way for your child to be either treated or assessed. We do offer services for the home setting, allowing us to interact with your child in their own home, where they may feel the most comfortable.


Knowing what to do when your child’s potential is concerned is difficult, moreso when confronted with confusing terms and conflicting messages. We can help bring you the clarity you need to feel confident with the decisions you make.

Our Fees

Our philosophy is transparency, understanding and partnership. How much something costs is a vital factor, regardless of how important the need. Our list of fees are readily available for download and we have tried to be as comprehensive as we can.